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Introducing Itsu Adventure, an app encouraging people to get outside more in their daily life.

Itsu is a fast-food restaurant chain with branches in many major cities in the UK. Their current loyalty programme allows people to collect food or drink rewards by spending money in-store and collecting butterfly stamps.


With a brief asking how companies can support the health and wellbeing of their customers, I developed a research-based campaign for Itsu that takes their current loyalty programme a step further, with the user completing local walking adventures, based on the timeframe they have, to catch a butterfly for their Itsu loyalty card.

Client: Itsu*
Timeframe: 2.5 months
Bootcamp: Flipside, London

*This is a hypothetical project and is not officially connected with Itsu.

This project is my own and was done for the Flipside bootcamp, with the guidance and teaching from designers at leading industry agencies: Made by Many, frog, Ustwo, Normally, Beyond and DesignIt, spending each week at a different studio.

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Redeem loyalty rewards in Itsu by walking for stamps

With Itsu Adventure, the user will input the timeframe they have, toggling if they want to go via an Itsu to buy their lunch or not. The app then directs the user on a round-trip walk, to a destination where there is potential to catch a butterfly (using augmented reality) for their loyalty card.

The butterfly is then stored in their own virtual butterfly atrium, where they can see the butterflies they have collected on their adventures and read about each species. Here, coins collected on the walk can be spent on items such as benches, enclosures and trees to personalise their atrium.

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An engaging design with the Itsu consumer in mind


An app created from in-depth primary research understanding people's needs

User research established a need for people to get outside walking more in their daily lives, to feel the benefit for their mental & physical health. With 74% of people believing brands should be improving their personal health and wellbeing*, it made sense to use this research to inform a brand campaign.

  • User interviews

  • Triangulation

  • Surveys

  • Affinity mapping

  • Observations & insights

*Havas Meaningful Brands Report, 2023

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Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 15.06.10.png
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But really, why is getting outside so important?

We all accept that getting outside is good for you, but secondary research revealed the science and benefits of outdoor time, particularly for those in digital sectors, highlighting a significant need for outdoor breaks during the workweek.

Being Healthy Infographic.png
Initial Stats Infographic.png

Shaping the idea from the voices and contributions of my collaborators

This project would not be as it is without the valued input and feedback from others around me. We carried out collaborative idea generation processes, from rapid idea sketching sessions to weekly group progress presentations with industry professionals. After gathering these ideas I worked with a traffic light system to assess desirability, viability and feasibility of ideas.

  • How might we get people into natural green spaces more often in their daily lives?

  • How might we make people feel like they're achieving something whilst taking a walk?

  • How might we make it exciting for people to get outside?

  • How might we help people make time to get outside?

Screenshot 2024-04-25 at 18.22.15.png

Developing the idea with wireframing, prototyping and user testing

Screenshot 2024-04-27 at 20.46.25.png
Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 13.40.29.png

Pitching the app

At the end of my time on Flipside I pitched the app at the showcase, which drew an audience of over 50 individuals including fellow team members, industry professionals from various agencies, design leaders, and other invited guests.


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